The C. Family

We are writing to congratulate you and your terrific staff for the great service provided by Concord. Our 89-year-old father, John, spent approximately six weeks at your facility rehabbing from a variety of conditions. As we wheeled dad into Concord, we of course were worried and concerned about how he would be treated and respond to spending weeks in a rehab facility. Our concerns almost immediately started to ease as we entered your facility. It was sparkling clean and reminded us of a nice hotel rather than a nursing home. We met the staff that would be responsible for dad’s care. They all introduced themselves with a big smile and they each echoed what seemed to be Concord’s motto: “If you need anything just ask!” Over the next six weeks, we witnessed first hand that “just ask” was all we had to do.

The conscientious nurses were very anxious to ensure dad’s physical wellbeing. The efficient aides tried their hardest to make sure dad was always comfortable. The knowledgeable rehabilitation staff got dad back on his feet again” The social worker was always willing to answer our endless questions. We can say, without reserve, that everyone involved in any aspect of dad’s care was a talented, caring professional. Even the recreation workers were always striving to find activities to interest the large variety of patients and the kitchen staff tried very hard to please our “fussy eater.” The facilities at Concord were top notch. However, what really made Concord stand out was the quality and genuinely caring attitude of each and every employee.