From Tokyo to Lakewood: A Love Story

On a late Spring day, Bob and Paula Suskind sit next to each other, exuding the effortless affinity of a lifetime together – and enjoying the mid-morning light that fills our dining room. A delightful couple married for over 60 years and now residents at Concord, theirs is the quintessential “all American story”.

On a quick stop from his deployment in Korea, and set up by a cousin, Paula and Bob met on January 8, 1955.

“Bob showed up at the door – and he was so handsome! He had this pitch black beautiful hair and looked exactly like Montgomery Clift, the famous Hollywood actor”, recounts Paula, evoking the thrill of their first meeting and providing us with a clear description of Bob’s good looks.
Newly married, Bob was deployed again – this time to Japan.

“Oh, we’ve had fun, a full life … and we’re still having fun here at Concord” says Paula.

 “Yes, we’ve had a good life” interjects Bob, whose dignified demeanor matches the cap he’s sporting this morning etched with the words “Korean Veteran”.

As for the looks of his youth, Bob’s quick and witty response to our gentle tease about ‘what happened to the looks?’ is “I retired from Hollywood!” 

A reply marked with that sparkle in the eye that, we imagine, must have conquered Paula’s heart on that fateful day when he showed up at her door. And that very same sparkle still fills her heart.