I felt at home with food that is fully kosher and having Rivky, the community liaison, check in on me every day. I was provided with a Shabbos package each week with all items necessary for Shabbos. Rivky made me feel like a VIP! I had her direct number and she would personally attend to my concerns.

The Concord staff are amazing! They are very attentive, friendly and always available to help. I came back a second time for the rehab. They accommodated me with foods tailored to my likes. Rehab is unbelievable – they have such patience and are really on top of things. They encouraged me and worked with me. I wouldn’t have been able to stand on my own without them.

Mrs. M.

I chose to go to Concord since they took wonderful care of my husband. The staff at Concord are great! They were always there for me and took great care of me from the nurses to the rehab. The Kosher Program is unbelievable. They got me specific Kosher yogurts that I had every day. I had Rivky’s personal cellphone, and she arranged for Shabbos food and set my table to ensure I had everything I needed. She visited on Purim and took great care to ensure I was well taken care of. I knew she was just a phone call away and would assist me.

Mrs. Rivka S.

The kosher program is unreal. I must say that what I saw was people going beyond just what they had to do. I saw people showing respect for the patients and their privacy. Not always easy in such a situation. There is a feeling of people wanting to help people. A type of undercurrent of upbeat energy. I know that all of you are trying to give the very best possible care. You are succeeding. It makes me less worried leaving my father as he I know that he is in good hands.

J Goldman

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