Welcome to Concord Rehabilitation’s Kosher Program, where we are proud to offer a warm and welcoming environment tailored specifically to the needs of the Orthodox Jewish community. Located in the heart of Lakewood, our facility is strategically located within walking distance of various neighborhoods, ensuring convenient access for our residents.

At Concord, we understand the importance of providing not just care, but a home-like atmosphere that respects and honors religious traditions. Our Kosher Program is designed to cater to every aspect of Jewish life, ensuring that each resident feels fully comfortable and supported throughout
their stay.

Kosher Program Highlights:

Nourishment for Body and Soul

Indulge in a culinary experience that celebrates tradition with our array of Kosher meals. From hearty Shabbos and Yom Tov feasts to daily delights, our menu is crafted to tantalize the taste buds while adhering to strict dietary laws. We offer heimishe dishes that evoke memories of home-cooked favorites.

Spiritual Guidance and Community Connection

Enjoy the services of our onsite Rabbi, who works one on one with patients sharing inspiring Shiurim and learning sessions. Engage in meaningful discussions, explore religious teachings, and foster connections within the community. Our commitment to spiritual enrichment goes beyond mere provision; it’s about nurturing the soul and fostering a sense of belonging.

Cultural Sensitivity and Linguistic Support

Feel understood and respected with our English, Hebrew and Yiddish-speaking staff members who are deeply attuned to the cultural nuances and religious requirements of our residents. Whether it’s a friendly shmooze or assistance with daily tasks, our team is dedicated to providing compassionate care that honors individual beliefs and customs.

Comfortable Living Spaces

Experience the epitome of comfort and privacy in our beautiful private suites, designed to provide a serene retreat for relaxation and recuperation. Each room is thoughtfully appointed with amenities to enhance your stay, ensuring a restful environment where you can feel at ease.

Personalized Support and Convenience

Enjoy the convenience of a dedicated 24/7 concierge service, ready to assist with any needs or requests. From arranging transportation for family visits to providing access to a Jewish library and newspapers, we strive to anticipate and meet your every need with personalized attention and care.

Jewish Nursing Home

Engaging Activities and Therapeutic Offerings

Enrich your stay with a variety of special activities and entertainment tailored to your interests and preferences. From engaging in reminiscence therapy to participating in celebrations that revolve around the Jewish calendar, our programs are designed to promote socialization, mental stimulation, and overall well-being.

Jewish Nursing Home

Family-Focused Resources

Find comfort and support in our Family Resource Room, a dedicated space for private time and reflection. Connect with loved ones, access resources, and seek guidance from our staff as you navigate the journey of recovery together.

At Concord Rehabilitation, our commitment to excellence extends beyond clinical care to encompass every aspect of the resident experience. Discover a place where tradition meets innovation, and where your recovery journey is guided by compassion, respect, and cultural sensitivity.

For more information about our Kosher Program and how we can meet your recovery needs,
please contact us at 732-966-5120 or email [email protected].


We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

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