Our amazing COVID-19 SURVIVOR!

We’d like to take a moment to honor Lucy Bolognese, our amazing COVID-19 SURVIVOR! Lucy is 102 years young and has been a long-term resident at Concord Healthcare, where for the past five years she’s been an inspiration to everyone she meets.

Strong-willed, Lucy is never one to give up a fight. She’s been working diligently in physical therapy to build her strength and has been doing so with a positive outlook on life. We asked Lucy’s grandson, Peter Bolognese to share a few words about this wonderful woman:

“To know her is to love her and I am thankful that she is alive. Lucy is my Grandmother. She has three grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

It is hard to put into words what our Grandma Lucy means to us. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY this spitfire of a lady has made her 100+ years count in this life and then some!

As our girl has gotten older and life has gotten harder, we are thrilled to have found a place like Concord to care for her everyday needs when life with our young family does not allow for it.

We have loved watching her flourish at Concord. She has made friends, enjoyed the activities and most of all, been well cared for. Then, welcome 2020 and COVID-19. Much like many families in America, we were so worried for Grandma catching this virus. One day in April, we got the call. She was positive. No one could have predicted how our spunky girl would react and we braced ourselves for the unthinkable.

Through God’s grace and the amazing staff at Concord, she was able to come through (relatively unscathed) to the other side. We realize she is one of the lucky ones and cherish every day we have with her. As many families suffered great loss, we were able to climb the mountain.

We would like to praise and thank the staff at Concord for their continued, round the clock care of our precious Lucy.

We look forward to another amazing century with our Grandma. If you see Lucy in the halls, give her a shout!”

– Peter Bolognese