December 11, 2019

Introducing Acute Level Rehab

With Groundbreaking Robotics

At Concord, we are devoted to the continuous development of our residents’ strength, mobility and independence, especially after a serious medical condition such as a stroke. We know that the journey to recovery can be challenging. We’re here to assist residents on their journey – easing the way in our supportive environment with the most advanced technology and equipment.

To help our residents attain the best possible outcomes, we have recently introduced the following new devices:

Our Robotic Gait Trainer is a new, incredible technology that allows patients to safely practice walking at their own pace while providing body weight support as needed. The Gait Trainer reduces the perceived difficulty of walking and gives patients a renewed sense of freedom.

Our 3D Arm-Weight Apparatus is skillfully designed to mimic everyday movement patterns. This sensor-based device encourages patients to fully retrain their arm and hand functions. It allows patients to self-direct game-like exercises and gradually develop a better range of motion.</p>

With cutting edge equipment and constant support from our therapy team, we are pleased to see our patients benefit and get stronger every day. We look forward to assisting more acute rehab patients, as well as those recovering from neurological or other orthopedic conditions who need assistance regaining their strength and mobility.

We love being a part of your success stories!

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