Up Close & Personal With Our Concierge Judy Van Pelt

Concord residents are very familiar with Judy’s smiling face and comforting presence. In her role as Concierge, she gets to know everyone by name as she works the floors daily, room by room, looking to help in any way she can while making sure everyone’s happy.  Need some items from CVS or a special snack from Shop Rite? How about some new clothing or even a glass of water?  Just ask Judy. The residents and their family members know her as the go-to person for anything and everything.

Judy originally joined Concord as a part-time evening receptionist, and quickly moved on to become the center’s Concierge. An effervescent and outgoing people’s person, Judy loves working with the residents and always keeps an eye out for those residents in need of a bit of extra attention and a listening ear.

Her regular evening get-togethers for the subacute residents are major social events that are loads of fun, even attracting some of the LTC residents to join as well. Whether its an autumn dessert table, a pizza party, or a roulette game Atlantic City  style –  Judy goes all out with the décor and her whimsical little gifts and prizes.

This past year, my mom spent a few weeks at Concord before her passing in May.  It was a really special time . . . I got to spend quality moments with my mother and she got to see what I do on a daily basis up close. She was well taken care of here.” says Judy.

A resident of nearby Jackson, where she lives with her husband and four children (including a set of twins), Judy is kept very busy between her family and full-time position at Concord. Cooking is one of her biggest joys, and when she has any free time she loves to garden.